CoolCite Academic Management System

CoolCite Academic Management System (AMS) provides universities, colleges, and other academic institutes with incredible tools to manage their academic work.

  • Complete Management SystemKeeps track of all levels (discipline, institution, faculty, individual) of all academic information (articles, books, grants, committee service, teaching, etc).
  • Promote ExcellenceShows the quality, not just quantity, of your academic work.
  • Automatic Reports GenerationGenerate reports and charts in a click, to avoid tedious paperwork and manual labor.
  • Essential UtilitiesCreate course evaluation surveys, send them to your students' email boxes, and receive detailed scoring and statistics.
  • Bolster CooperationAllow your faculty and students to share and communicate with built-in tools, such as forums, blogs, and private messaging.
CoolCite AMS is a phenomenal new Academic Management System, designed from the ground up to manage faculty on an individual, departmental, and institutional level.

Using each faculty member's CV as the building block, CoolCite AMS can generate statistics, graphs, and reports in the blink of an eye - even ones that would take months to carry out manually.

Because CoolCite AMS is capable of tracking such verying information, you will be able to generate statistics based on different cuts of your faculty; are men more productive than women? American-educated vs. British?

CoolCite AMS helps your faculty, and your institute, truly stand out.