CoolCite Academic Management System

What do I need to run CoolCite AMS, what configurations are available?

  • Available Anywhere!Since CoolCite AMS works from your browser, you can access your system from anywhere, with any internet-capable device.
  • No RequirementsWe host your system on our professional hosting servers, so we can start working on any requests you have instantly.

To run CoolCite AMS, all you need is your regular web browser. This makes CoolCite available from your office, home, neighbor, your mobile phone, and the international space station.

Hosting the system is part of our service, allowing us to provide better service times should any technical requests arise. You may select from several configurations for your system: do you want it to be accessible to everyone, and become a website for your institute, or would you like to be accessible strictly from your internal network? Will faculty receive access? Pick the behavior of the system.