CoolCite Academic Management System

What sort of data can CoolCite AMS keep track of?

  • All Standard CV DetailsSuch as education and employment history, community service, and skills.
  • PublicationsA dozen types of publications, including books, journal articles, patents...
  • Teaching DetailsCourse details, teaching awards, advised students...
  • Over 60 CV SectionsWith the ability to add more at any time!

CoolCite AMS uses your faculty's Academic CVs as a building block for its data aggregation. From there, it aggregates data on entire sections (Publications, for example), and also vertically (Department, institutional, national, and global levels).

CoolCite AMS is built with Academic institutes in mind. With that said, it uses a flexible data model which allows additions and modifications to what data it tracks. CoolCite actually allows you to customize the data model based on your own institute's needs!

At the baseline level, CoolCite has already been optimized for Academic CVs. We support a grants, education and career history, about a dozen types of publications, and lots more. Over 60 items, in fact.

You, the client, are able to customize your database by creating and editing fields and sections in the CV. You control the types of data your faculty enters, create lists to select from, control which fields are required, etc.