CoolCite Academic Management System

How does CoolCite AMS integrate with the global CoolCite Network?

  • One-Click-SyncCoolCite AMS supports APIs to copy over data from your system, over to the global
  • Promote Excellence GloballyCoolCite is visited by researchers from all over the world - let them find eachother!

CoolCite is a CV-Based network for Academics, allowing members to discover new research and publications that interest them, and communicate with other researches. Should your faculty wish to join our online community, CoolCite AMS will offer them instant synchronization. Their data will be copied over to the global CoolCite network, and can be viewed by our visitors. Of course, our privacy settings will still be available to decide exactly what they wish to share with the world.

By sharing on CoolCite, you can increase productivity and cooperation between your faculty, and researchers from all around the world.