CoolCite Academic Management System

Who should use CoolCite Academic Management System?

  • Academic Institutes specialized in a particular field?CoolCite AMS is customizable and gives you control of the data.
  • Need a detailed overview of your faculty?CoolCite AMS provides information on a personal, departmental, and institutional level.
  • Spending too much time and money on reports?CoolCite AMS allows you to generate charts, spreadsheets, and reports - in the click of a button!

CoolCite AMS is an advanced, highly-customizable database system, suitable for universities, colleges, and other similar institutes. CoolCite's data model can be customized to a very fine degree, allowing you to add, modify, and remove any data node.

CoolCite gives you the tools to aggregate information entered by your faculty, and then produce reports, charts, and spreadsheets. With group and department tools, you can create your very own virtual departments in the system, and produce group reports as well as individual ones. Each of your departments gets a statistics page, displaying vast information, statistics, and rankings, to help you promote quality in your institute.

CoolCite AMS will help you promote the quality of your institute by bringing the people who do the best work into the spotlight.