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MTF- Creating Latent Variable Categories
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List of All Relevant Variables In MTF 2008, 8th and 10th Grade Students

The following is a list of initial potential latent categories. All of the variables have been concatenated with all 4 forms of the survey. I believe it would be beneficial to perform imputations prior to conducting SEM??? An additional idea of mine is to separate education into achievements and expectations. It may also be beneficial to create a variable that controls for students who use only marijuana or light drugs but not hard drugs. I will test each group for it's cronbach alpha and weed out the synonymous or insignificant measures to simplify the model. There are several themes in the data that extend across categories: Social Influences (School, Parent, Peers) on Deviant Subculture (Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Marijuana).   


School /Community Characteristics





Attend Religious Service

Dad Educ


Status School High Grades

Importance Religion

Mom Educ


Status School Leader Activities

Like Risks

Hrs Home without Parent

Version Number

Status School College Plan

Like Danger

Parent Checks HW

Sample Weight

Status School Athlete

Wish More Friends

Parent Helps HW


Peer Pressure Cigs


Parents Let Go Out


Peer Pressure Drink


Parents Know Where After SC


Peer Pressure MJ


Parents Know Who


Students School Grade Use MJ


Parents Know Where Night


Students School Grade Cigs


Students School Grade Drink


Drug Education School


Feel Unsafe At School



Deviant Behaviors

Mainstream Behaviors

Friends (Social Influences)



Visit Friends

All Friends Smoke Cigs

Plays Any Sport


Hours Work

All Friends MJ




All Friends Drink

Sports Active

Sell Drugs


All Friends Get Drunk

Go to Parties

Times Drunk Life


Friends dont use MJ

Hrs Watch TV

Grade 1st Marijuana


Friends Drop Out


Grade 1st Drunk


Spend Time Alone


Grade 1st Cig




Times Use Alc Home


Usually With Friends


Times Use Alc School


Times Use Alc Friends


Times Use Drugs With Friends


Times Use Drug Home


Times Use Drugs School



School Achievement

School Disachievement

Self Positive Attitude

Self Negative Attitude



Satisfied W Myself

Life Meaningless

Think of Future

Skip Class

Much To Be Proud

Future Hopeless

Plan After School

Cut School

Do Well As Others

Feel Lonely


Ever Suspended

Good To Be Alive

Am No Good


school 2 hard

Enjoy Life

Feel Left Out

Will Go To College

Serious Fight at School

Happy Today



Held Back

Life Better in Future



Positive Self Attitude


Person of Worth

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