Some comments and suggestions

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  1. In the mail I got to join this forum the link was broken
  2. Would love to have a quicker way to see mu inbox (going to Send Message --> Discussions) is not intuitive
  3. Can posts on Blogs and Forums appear on My Profile too?
  4. In Joural Articles - the Google Scholar search does not find anything, looks like it's not tuned properly
  5. In adding text, I miss a rich-text editor so I can put in hyperlinks without the full URL (such as "click here")
  6. In Interests, I miss Judgment and Decision Making, Behavioral Economics, Social Cognition and probabley more issues in Psychology
  7. In the My Profile page, under Interests, the "and more" text does not lead to anything. Looks like it should link to a full list of interests
  8. Publications should be ordered from recent to past, if not in the CV than at least on the web.
  9. Would like to receive suggestions to members or posts who I share some interest with.

And most importantely, thank a lot for this site, I sure hope it will be the Facebook of academia.


Mr. Amnon Kruvi

Hi again,

All of these are great comments, and I hope I can find good solutions to them all:

  1. Could you specify which mail this was? Was it the message I sent you earlier, or an email? What was the incorrect link?
  2. You can view your messages by clicking the envelope icon on the top right, next to the Log Out button. I will add a second link, under My Items, that will show the number of unread messages (1-9, or +9 if there are more). This will be available in the next update.
  3. Your most recent blog and forum posts will appear in your profile on the next update.
  4. The google searcher is meant to be very strict, so as to not gather citations from someone else's work that happens to have a similar name. I've checked your first two articles: In the first one, you added the journal name at the end - if you remove it, it finds it on Google. In the second article, the first word "The" does not appear in Google Scholar, and so it isn't found. Removing it made it find the right article.
  5. Long text fields have automatic link detection, so you don't have to write the full link. If you find a bug with that, if the link displayed doesn't come out like you want, please let me know. The reason we have not placed a rich text editor in these fields is to prevent users from adding other things, like text styles (bold, italic, colors), pictures, etc.
  6. The interests list is being updated constantly. I've added the items you just listed, but feel free to send more.
  7. The "And More" line will be clickable, and uncover the rest of the interests, coming on the next update.
  8. Good call, the order of publications will be reversed - meaning newest will be shown first - in the next update.
  9. Tags can give you all sorts of information:
    In the "My Interests" page (in the homepage, to the left), you will find new publications (and of course their authors) that have been tagged under a specific tag.
    If you click the tag name in My Interests, or go to Resources->Search->Tags, you can view the most visited blogs and forums as well. Until it reaches a certain mass, however, it might be a little difficult to get any interesting results from it. We will consider an alternative, in the meanwhile, for you to find people with similar interests.

All of the proposed changes will, again, be available on the next site update, estimated tonight during off-peak time.

Thanks again for this excellent feedback,


Prof. Gad Yair

Thanks, Eyal. Changes are on the way...

Amnon, thanks for the quick response and fixes.

I'll send you the mail with the broken link. It's the one from the system telling me I've been granted access to this forum.

I didn't saw the auto link detection in the text field on the About page.

What I meant in the last point is something like Facebook sugestion box which shows possible friends of friends or new groups which might interest you. I think that suggestions "pushed" by the system (instead of pulled by the user by using the tags or all the other things you describe) can improve users' experience. Just something to think about.

Thanks again and I hope I'm helping and not being a nusance.


Mr. Amnon Kruvi

Eyal, if we had a hundred users just like you I'd be in heaven - you make good comments, good suggestions, and present your cases clearly.

Ideas like yours are just what we need at our current stage.

Regarding the About section, I do see the links you posted displayed as clickable links. Is it missing any? Did you have to type them in a certain way for it to detect them?

I'll see what I can cook up regarding suggestions in the coming week.

Mr. Itay Banner

I heard about CoolCite through Sheizaf Rafaeli's mailing list. It looks quite nice and simple. What's the difference, in your view, between CoolCite and, for instance,

I'd like to suggest that you add a link to a LinkedIn profile for info on my career outside academia, and also integrate  Facebook Connect for more virality.

Besides that, why can't I see my honors and full details on my profile page? I only see them when I browse deep down to it.

Prof. Gad Yair

Itay, is a great service too, especially it's RSS to journals and their willingness to upload documents (which we might in the future). However, Academia is not a database and lacks the ability to do counting and ranking of books, journals, departments, etc.. They are more a Facebook; we are more in terms of powerhouse of data. Besides, academia only serves individuals - we can serve organizational levels too (not just show who is where...). So we very much appreciate - and there are some similarities - but we believe we shall do better over the long run.

Thanks for the notes. We shall see how to adopt them. 

Mr. Amnon Kruvi

Hi Itay,

At the moment, users can add free links in the Home pages section of their Personal details. Do you think there should be a specific place for a LinkedIN and Facebook profile?

As far as Facebook Connect, how do you see it implemented here? Would you "Like" a person's CV? Would you like your CoolCite updates to be posted on Facebook, as well? I'm just wondering what sort of integration you had in mind.

I've added Honors to the profile page (you'll see it in the next update), but we can't post all the fields from your CV on the single front page because it would simply be too long to read. If you feel any more fields deserve a spot on the front page, we'll gladly consider them.

Thank you for the feedback,

Hi Amnon and Gad,

About putting hyperlinks, I think there should be a way to put a link behind a text (such as "click here"). Look, for example, at my home page. I have a link under "The Purple Series" section which is very long (comes from Wiki). It could be great if I could put it behind a "click here" text.

About your other conversation, maybe the solution is to let users personalize their front page so they can choose whether "honors" are displayed or not and what fields are displayed and, maybe, in what order. I would add a check-box in the customize privacy settings such as "show on My Profile" for that.

Thanks, Eyal

Prof. Gad Yair

Take a look at the Help for "Customizing" - this explains how to order items in the way they appear. Amnon, is that affecting the frontpage too