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Hi, I've noticed that the style of references, both on the web and in the exported CV, does not look like any conventional style I know.

If possible, I would like to have the option to pick a standard style (such as APA 6 or Chicago). In any case, it seems odd to me that on the web the only thing that shows is the article name, year and journal. I would expect, at the very least, to see the authors as well, not to mention Volume and page numbers.

If this site is to provide us help in maintaining our CV, one important factor is list of publication ready in the right format.

Thanks, Eyal

Mr. Amnon Kruvi

Hi Eyal,

On the site, you can quickly expand any line by clicking it to see the complete information. It's kept short so you don't have to scroll to find the item you're looking for - that's the advantage the web has over paper. If you feel that more fields should be shown for a certain section, let us know - although I think adding the Authors list will cause a lot of avoidable scrolling (For some, publications with 20 authors is standard).

As for adding more styles to the CV, that will likely happen.

I think people expect to see the reference details without clicking even if it means scrolling down.
Just go to almost any scholar's web site and see that the list of publications follow the standard style in their field. No serious psychologist would post her publications not according to APA guidelines.

If you expect scholars to move to this site instead of the one they have now, they must get the same functionality they get today (at least). I find the extra details in the references useless. Better to simply have a link to the article abstract/full text and to the journal's web site. 

Prof. Gad Yair

Do you want the e-Page to look as a PDF printout?  As a CV you hold in hand, with all the pub info?

And, if we are there - the idea is to have a selector of template (APA, Chicago, HUJI), just as we have for years in the PDF printout?


Mr. Amnon Kruvi

Originally, we did have it the way you described it - the full info displayed by default, let the user scroll. When we began our closed testing phase, one of the very first and repeated feedback was that there is too much scrolling - that's why we have it the way it is today.

Perhaps we could have the best of both worlds by having it as an option, showing full details by default...

As far as PDF goes, we've began working on new templates for publications based on APA and Chicago, I'll post here when those are available.

Mr. Amnon Kruvi

You can now select APA formatting for publications, Chicago will be added to that list once we gather all the specs for it. Others can be requested as well.

That's excellent!

I still think that publications on the site should also follow some known style. Even if you don't show all fields, the fields you do show (now it's year, title and journal) should follow some kind of style, preferebly APA. That won't cause any more scrolling, as I see it.

BTW, I have a weird error message on my profile page:

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Mr. Amnon Kruvi

Hi Eyal,

I fixed the error you saw - it was a bad privacy settings check when checking your awards in your main profile page (Happens only when one or two of the three awards tables is off).

I'll see what we can do about formatting the results as APA on the website. It could take some time, though - the methods we use now for the PDF are not fast enough to use for the website, I'll have to redo those.