Mr. Keith Lawrence Goldstein

Mr. Keith Lawrence Goldstein

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Society of Psychological Anthropology
Anthropology, Psychology
Last update: 15-Aug-2010

PhD Research

My PhD research examines subcultural stereotypes of Israeli youth. This exploratory research utilizes a nationally representative quantitative survey to determine students' perceptions of 6 subcultures, both Israeli (Arsim, Tsfonim, and Frehot) and global (Nerds, Freaks, and Stoners). 1,632 students at 21 public high schools were sampled from February 2009 to February 2010. I seek to explain how youth perceive these subcultural groups, what are the causes of these perceptions, and what are the consequences. By perceptions I am referring to both visual perceptions (populations and characteristics), as well as perceptions of one's personal associations with subcultures in the figurative sense (friendships and self-recognition), and vocal sense (usage and reception) of the term.

From a philosophical viewpoint this is an ontological study which questions the existence of these subcultures. If these subcultures do exist, they will have clear meanings and roles. My principal research question is: How do primordial and subcultural identities affect constructed identies, i.e. how are primordial (born-identity) characteristics (ethnicity, social class, religion, religiosity etc.), mediated by subcultural (social crowd) characteristics (populations, stereotypes, friend-types, popularity status, etc.) in determining constructed (produced-identity) characteristics (behaviors, grades, perceptions of popularity, etc.). The guiding hypothesis of the research is that subcultural identities are better predictors of constructed identities than primordial identities are.