Dr. Nabil Khattab

Dr. Nabil Khattab

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Prof. Gad Yair
Education, sociology of
Last update: 10-Mar-2013
Full Time Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology, Senior Lecturer


My academic work is concerned with 2 main issues and the inter-relationship between them: 1) social divisions and socio-economic inequality, and 2) space and social exclusion. With respect to the issue of social divisions and inequality, I am interested in understanding ethno-religious (ethnicity and religion), gender and class inequalities in education and the labour market. For example, does ethnic and religious (ethno-religious) background today play a less important role in determining the life chances of people than before? Or to what extent education is important for minority ethnic groups in achieving social mobility? To what extent ethnic and religious identities might hinder the economic assimilation of migrants and other minorities? The topics have been central to my work over the past 5 years. Currently, I am working on two projects using UK-based data. In the first I am looking at the labour market participation of migrants and ethno-religious minorities including the impact of qualifications. In relation to the latter, our aim is to differentiate between UK and overseas-based qualifications. For this end we use data from the British labour force survey 2002-2009 (quarters April-June). In the second project I utilise data from the Longitudinal Survey of Young People in England (LSYPE) 2005-2009 in which very rich data have been collected from a very large sample of pupils aged 13-14 in 5 waves until the age of 17-18 (including data from parents). My aim in this project is to examine the relationship between educational and occupational expectations of minority and majority pupils and factors such as academic ability, class background, residential and school segregation including school factors.