Dr. Barbara S Okun

Dr. Barbara S Okun

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Prof. Gad Yair
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Last update: 10-Nov-2010

Academic Interests

Since my arrival in Israel from Princeton University in 1992, I have become heavily involved in research on social and family demography in Israel, as well as certain aspects of social stratification in Israel. My formal training and research approach have been primarily in demography. My research has focused primarily on four areas: (1) fertility transition/fertility control; (2) marriage patterns; (3) educational attainment; and (4) women's work and family. Within these four very general areas, my research has been empirical and quantitative in nature, and has utilized a variety of large and representative data sets for the purposes of analyzing the relationships between social and economic factors and demographic behavior, primarily, but not exclusively, in the population of Israel. In most of my published research, I highlight the fascinating case that Israel presents as a demographic laboratory, influenced by an extraordinary history of migration and population change. At the same time, my published research has illustrated the use of issues in Israeli society to address theoretical concerns that are not unique to this country. Most recently, I have undertaken a study of fertility and family change among immigrants to Israel from the Former Soviet Union, and am now beginning a new project on demographic behavior and religiosity in Israel, an area in need of further research. I hope to apply to the Israel Science Foundation this November in order to receive funding for the latter project. Many of my research projects have been collaborative, and I especially enjoy working with students. My main purpose in winning grant money is to fund research students, who later become my co-authors and colleagues.