Dr. Sky Gross

Dr. Sky Gross

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Mr. Shai Feraro
Tel Aviv University
Last update: 02-Oct-2010

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Sky Gross is a Horowitz postdoctoral fellow at the department of sociology and anthropology at Tel-Aviv University. Sky's research foci and background include several lanes, among which are subjects of prenatal testing in the ultraorthodox Jewish community, social microdynamics in postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, inclusion of complementary medicine in the delivery room, and epistemological and symbolic boundaries between biomedical and complementary practitioners in the hospital setting.
In her more recent work she considers issues associated with both philosophical and anthropological understandings of the brain and its relation to conceptualizations of the 'mind'. With this intention, she uses historical analysis to approach the ethical debate surrounding the practice of frontal lobotomy. In her latest published paper, she brings an extensive fieldwork in a neurooncology clinic to shed light on complex expert and lay constructions of brain tumors as objects for diagnosis.
She is now working on two main projects namely, the cultural correlates of neuroanatomical research and brain localization (or 'how is culture mapped onto the brain'); and, based on participant observation in brain surgeries, the place of the 'mind' in the operating room.

Neuroscience and Society

Sky is currently developing venues for collaboration with outstanding scholars in the field of neuroethics and social studies of neuroscience, in view of advancing research in an area that requires further institutional support as well as international cooperation. She currently works with prof. Fernando Vidal from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin and with the team at the Centre for Biomedicine and Society (CBAS) at King's College London. She gives lectures both in the country and abroad on neuroethics and society. Based on her international experience, she will be giving courses on the subject- given for the first time in Israel- for the medical school, the neuroscience center and for the Cohn Institute of the Sociology, History and Philosophy of Science at Tel Aviv University.

selected publications

Gross, Sky E. (2010):