Dr. Aziza Khazzoom

Dr. Aziza Khazzoom

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Stratification and Inequality
Last update: 25-Nov-2010

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Dr. Khazzoom's obtained her BA from Wellesley College, and her PhD from UC Berkeley. She was previously Assistant Professor of Sociology at UCLA. Her work traces the formation of ethnic inequality among Jews in Israel, combining quantitative and qualitative methods. She is the author of Shifting Ethnic Boundaries and Inequality in Israel, Or: How the Polish Peddler Became a German Intellectual, published by Stanford University Press. The book focuses on why ethnic discrimination occurred in Israel, and argues that concerns over producing the state as western were a central dynamic in determining who was excluded and who was included. In addition, she published a lead article on westernization in the American Sociological Review, Sociology's flagship journal, published on the Israeli state's role in producing residential segregation (in Social Forces, Sociology's third ranked journal), and on when and why immigrant families sometimes support and sometimes resist changes in gender roles for daughters (in Signs, the first ranked journal in Women's Studies). She has held an NSF grant and postdoctoral fellowships from Tel Aviv University and the Van Leer Institute. Having demonstrated in this earlier work that "east" and "west" mattered in the 1950s, Dr. Khazzoom has now obtained funds from the Israel Science Foundation to examine how the east/west classification played out in individual lives, across the life course, by comparing life stories of immigrants from Poland and Iraq. These groups were similar at the time of immigration