Mrs. Anat Perry

Mrs. Anat Perry

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Prof. Gad Yair
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Last update: 29-Jul-2010
PhD/Graduate Student, Psychology

In 2005 I received my B.A. in English Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences Summa cum Laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2008 I finished my M.A. studies Magna cum Laude in the Psychology department, majoring in Clinical Psychology.

During my M.A. studies I completed a "practicum" in clinical therapy in "Bnei Brith", a unique facility that offers a home and treatment to about 100 boys and girls, from all sectors of Israeli society, who suffer severe emotional disturbance and are in need of residential care.

I am currently working on my PhD in Prof. Shlomo Bentin's lab. The topic of my PhD is " Motor System contributions to cognitive and affective aspects of Theory of Mind: Evidence from EEG activity in the mu frequency range". I am studying brain oscillations which are thought to be related to our ability to understand others' thoughts and feelings, and may be abnormal in autistic individuals.

Apart from my time in class and in the lab, I am also Manager of Prof. Shlomo Bentin's Cognitive Electrophysiology Lab, B.A. counselor for Psychology students and the coordinator of a new B.A. tutoring project for students of the Arab sector.