Dr. Sara Helman

Dr. Sara Helman

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American Council of Learned Societies
Humanities, Social Sciences
Last update: 02-Dec-2015
Full Time Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology, Senior Lecturer
Journal Articles: 17 (Average impact: 0.61)
Student Advising: 6 PhD, 23 M.A
Grants Awarded: USD 327,000 -- ILS 10,000

H-Index: 5

I am a political sociologist interested in the sociology of citizenship, social movements and the state. My research projects have centered in the ways in which citizenship regimes and the identities they constitute are challenged and resignified by social movements. Within this broad area I have investigated the emergence of conscientious objection to war and military service, and developed a sociology of conscientious objection; women's peace movements and the ways they challenge the social and gender order of Israel, as well as the ways in which citizenship, ethnicity and nationalism are redefined by ethnic-religious movements.
I have expanded my interest in the sociology of citizenship to the changing configuration of the Israeli welfare state. Within this project I am especially interested in the role of ideas in the initiation of institutional change, especially in the goals of the welfare state and on the ways in which neo-liberal ideas and practices are reconfiguring social citizenship and the gender social rights of citizenship.