Dr. Shai M. Dromi

Dr. Shai M. Dromi

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Mr. Naor Haim Ben-Yehoyada
Harvard University
Last update: April 19th

I am a cultural and comparative-historical sociologist with research on altruistic behavior, transnational solidarity, and morality. My research explores how beliefs about the common good shape a variety of social sites by focusing on the ways discourse about morality is used to justify the existence of social practices and institutions.

My current book project is titled The Religious Origins of Transnational Relief: Calvinism, Humanitarianism, and the Origins of Social Fields. It is under advance contract at the University of Chicago Press. The book asks how humanitarian activism became a distinct professional and social sector. The research draws on archival research at the International Committee of the Red Cross and related repositories. It highlights the role of mid-nineteenth-century Calvinist reform movements in formulating and propagating the moral principles that justified the establishment of humanitarian NGOs and continue to prevail in the humanitarian community today. Articles from this research appeared in The Sociological Review and Sociological Theory. I also work on other projects relating to professional communities and their moral beliefs, and has previously researched and published on attitudes towards urban poverty and on the effects of cultural trauma on political culture in the Middle East.

I teach courses on philanthropy and nonprofit organizations, on humanitarian movements, and on social trauma.

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