Prof. Ilan Talmud

Prof. Ilan Talmud

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Prof. Gad Yair
Sociology and Anthropology
Last update: 29-Jul-2010
Full Time Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology

Areas of Interests

Social Networks Analysis, Economic Sociology, Organization and Management, Internet Studies, Investments Networks, International Networks, On-line Communities, Tacit Knowledge, Internet and Civic Engagement, Social Stratification

Ongoing Research

* Relations and Investments: The Social Structure of Israeli Venture Capital Industry: Analyzing the Social Network between Venture Capital Funds in Israel: 1995-2004
* The Social Structure of the Competition: Rent seeking Activity in Factor markets, Products markets, and Labor Markets: A Network and Multilevel Approach.
* Social Aspects of Information and Communication Technology in Israel (Israel Scientific Foundation (ISF) Grant: 2008-2011) (with Gustavo Mesch).
* Uses and Divides, and Diversification among Israeli Online Surfers.
* Personal and Civic Problems of Intimate and Public Computer Mediated Communication
* A Dynamic Analysis of Health Policy Network in Israel
* Network Theory and Economic Sociology
* Social Networks and Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Review of A Growth Industry
* The Conditional Effect of Socio-Economic Background and Cognitive Ability on Earnings (with Yoav Ganzach).