Mr. Tal Shamur

PhD/Graduate Student, Sociology and Anthropology

Ongoing research - a field work at the "Tikva" neighborhood

The “Tikva” is low-class neighborhood located in the south of Tel-Aviv. Following urban anthropology literature on low-income ethnic enclaves, my aim is to tell the story of the “Tikva” neighborhood. I will use life-histories of older residents to trace the cultural and the demographic developments that occurred in the neighborhood, and conduct participant observations to record its present-day habitus. . Particular attention will be dedicated to the intersection of ethnic, class, gender and national identities in the construction of social identities in a lower class neighborhood, which in Israeli public imagination is identified with ‘Mizrahi' ethnicity. Drawing on existing literature on intersectionality, my project will accord significant weight to power and structural violence, but also to the agency of subordinate groups to maneuver and occasionally also to subvert them.