Dr. Orit Parnafes

Dr. Orit Parnafes

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Dr. Sky Gross
Tel Aviv University
Last update: 13-Jul-2012
Research Scientist, Education

Orit Parnafes teaches and conducts her research at the school of Education at Tel-Aviv University. Her research interests are:
- Understanding the sources and mechanisms of Meaningful Learning Experiences
- Developing conceptual understanding through the use of visual representations
- Self-generated representations and meta-representational competence
- Conceptual change in science
- Design of technology-based learning environments
- Constructivist Epistemology

Orit Graduated from Berkeley, where she studied for her PhD the development of conceptual understranding through the use of interactive and dynamic representations (simulations).
In the past three years Orit is leading the research project, funded by the Spencer Foundation, on student-generated representations (SGR). link
This year, she begins a new research program on Meaningful Learning Experiences.