Dr. Elliot Bendoly

Full Time Faculty, Operations and Information Management, Associate Professor / Reader

Professional Background

Dr. Bendoly is an associate professor in Information Systems and Operations Management at Emory University's Goizueta Business School. He is currently the area coordinator for the ISOM faculty. Most recently he also been named the Caldwell Research Fellow, an honorary title granted on research merit. Prior to academia Dr. Bendoly worked as a research engineer for the Intel Corporation. He holds a PhD from Indiana University in the fields of Operations Management and Decision Sciences, with an Information Systems specialization in ERP and Knowledge Management. He has served as an instructor and developer of SAP implementation and ABAP/4 programming curriculum. More recently he has been involved with coursework on IT-supported service operations and DSS development for managers.

The professor currently serves as a Senior Editor at the Production and Operations Management journal (Behavioral Operations and Management of Technology departments) and as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Operations Management (Business Week and Financial Times listed journals). His own publications in POM and JOM, combined with his works in such widely respected outlets at Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly and Journal of Applied Psychology, alone represent no less than 20 published academic articles. He has authored no less than an additional 30 articles in outlets including the Journal of Supply Chain Management, Decision Sciences, EJOR, IJOPM and Decision Support Systems. His current research interests are split between studies into the effectiveness of Operations/Strategy/IT alignment, and investigations in two general areas of focus in the Behavioral Operations domain: Collaboration/group dynamics; and Work policies/task complexity/uncertainty.

Dr. Bendoly is the author of “Excel Basics to Black Belt” (Cambridge Press 2008), a book on which his acclaimed elective is based (www.excel-blackbelt.com). He is also the co-editor of “Strategic ERP Extension and Use” (Stanford Press 2005) and the “Handbook of Research in Enterprise Systems” (Sage 2010). His LinkedIn discussion forum, “Excel Basics to Blackbelt”, boasts 17,000 members. He is regularly asked to contribute to blogs and discussions on the topic of tactics in decision support design with Excel.