Prof. Rachel Elior

Prof. Rachel Elior

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Prof. Gad Yair
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Last update: 24-Dec-2013
Full Time Faculty, Jewish thought, Full Professor

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I chaired the teaching committee in the faculty of Humanities 1990-1992; I served as the HU president canceller on gender issues and chaired the committee for gender equality for few years 2005-2008[?]
I am a senior research fellow in Van Leer Institute and participate in the frame of Jewish identity there in lecturing to the public. I am a senior member in the international council of New Israel Fund.
I instructed 12 doctoral students in the Department of Jewish Thought who had accomplished their PhD. successfully: Daphna Arbel; Leah Orent; Raa'ia Haran; Rivcka Dvir-Goldberg; Martina Urban; Alon Dahan, Zvia Rubin, Sarina Chen, Yehuda Ben-Dor, Jay Michaelson, Yaron Zeini and my last doctoral student Hannah Worsman is finishing her work this year.