Dr. Rachel Schiff

Dr. Rachel Schiff

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Mr. Hagay Y. Bar
Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan
Last update: 13-Oct-2016

Prof. Rachel Schiff

Rachel Schiff, PhD, is a Professor of Education at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Her work focuses on three aspects of the learning disabilities world: LD professional training, research, and diagnosis and remedial teaching of individuals with LD. She has established and currently chairs the Learning Disabilities Master's Program. The program trains students to become informed skilled learning disabilities diagnostician and remedial teachers who understand the theory and practice of teaching and assessing learners with LD of all ages. Schiff's lab group research integrates studies that focused on the literacy, linguistic and cognitive abilities of adults and children with learning disabilities, involving the interface of spoken and written representations among Hebrew speakers, especially the reading disabled. A dominant theme that draws her lab research has been intervention programs. Prof. Schiff also serves as Head of Haddad Center for Dyslexia and Reading Disorders at Bar Ilan University which provides diagnostic assessment and remediation to help reading disabled students who otherwise would remain disadvantaged.